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The girl around the year lives in a cute mask, it’s time to take off, everyone was scared
December 07 2018, 3:31 PM
Everybody was scared when she took off the mask that she wore all year.

Wearing the mask as an anime character is one of the trends of young Japanese people for many years. Although the ‘heat’ of this movement has cooled down quite a lot along with the time, there are many young people who still love masks simulated in the face of the characters in comics, animations and this girl is one of them.

Hot girl wearing mask of Japanese netizens

With the Facebook account has thousands of followers, the young girl always makes netizens love with the cute look when wearing the anime masks. Each photo helps her have lots of fans and countless compliments.

But with the excitement, netizens are also curious about the real face of this “hot girl”. Many people think that the girl must be very beautiful, but not wanting that the life is reversed because of the famous, she definitely does not reveal. The girl is so careful that she even covers the fabric on the head on the outside of the mask to hide her face.

Netizens have used all the words but hot girl still does not show her face

This image makes many people afraid

The shape of the hot girl when being viewed from the back is very eye-catching

This is the rare photo that the girl reveals her beautiful eyes

Wearing an anime mask is also a cosplay way that does not take much time. Depending on the preferences of each person, they will choose one or more masks. Moreover, wearing this mask, you can hide the feelings that you want to hide. For example, if you are sad, wearing a lovely mask can help you hide your emotions, people will always feel you happy when wearing this mask.

Many people think that this is her boyfriend

Minh Chi

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