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Giant pimple popping video of a young man attracted 2 million views after a day!
August 06 2018, 10:07 AM
Here is a disgusting pimple popping video that attracted 2 million views after a day.

You should not watch the clip while eating rice If you do not want to vomit when watching this disgusting pimple popping video. .

After being posted to the dermatology forum by a member , this clip quickly attracted millions of views and thousands of comments after more than a day post, you can see this unique acne popping.

 This is the pimple on the young man’s face when the doctor started to pop it After that,…

And this is the result!

This may be the most disgusting acne popping scene that you have ever seen!

Acne is one of the most common skin conditions. At any given time, up to 50 million Americans will have some form of acne.

Acne comes in different sizes, shapes, and types. It often forms on the face, but you can also get breakouts on your neck, back, shoulders, and chest. There are a few kinds of acne and each looks different:

Blackheads form at the skin’s surface and are open at the top. Visible dirt and dead skin cells inside the pore make it appear black. Whiteheads form deeper in the skin. They’re closed at the top and filled with pus, which makes them look white. Pus is a thick mixture of white blood cells and bacteria. Papules are larger, hard pink or red bumps that can feel sore when you touch them. Pustules are red, inflamed bumps that are filled with pus. Nodules are hard lumps that form deep inside the skin. Cysts are large, soft, and filled with pus. As pimples fade, they can leave dark spots on the skin. Sometimes acne can cause permanent scars, especially if you pop or pick at your skin.

A boil is a red bump that is swollen and red around the outside. It slowly fills with pus and gets larger. You’re most likely to see boils in areas where you sweat or where your clothes rub against your skin, like your face, neck, underarms, buttocks, and thighs.

Several boils can cluster together and form a growth called a carbuncle. A carbuncle is painful, and it can leave a permanent scar. Carbuncles sometimes cause flu-like symptoms, such as fatigue, fever, and chills.

Watch video:

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