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Giant face appeared on the cliffs; the villagers immediately rush to watch what it is
December 16 2018, 10:50 AM
Our vast nature still has so many surprising  coincidences that we haven't found explanation.

In 2008, a tourist discovered something unexpected at Pacific Rim National Park when he was kayaking.

Specifically, according to sharing, that morning the tourist was present at the scene of the incident. It would be not special  if he did not see the cliff in front of his face that had strange things. In fact,  two steep cliffs worked together to form a dead end. He intended to row out but he suddenly panicked when there was a face lying on the top.

After posting this story on social networks. the man immediately received great attention from the online community. Recently, a man named Hanks Gus, from the indigenous group of the Fist Nation sanctuary of Teseshat, was fascinated by the story. He decided to go to the place to find out the truth.

And after 2 years of persistence, he proves that the story is completely true.  Overcoming difficult challenges, he found that face is located on the island of Reek.

According to the man, this face is about 2 meters wide and located in the cliffs which are obscured by the grass and trees so many people can be difficult to see it.

After that, many villagers and tourists have rushed to admire this face.  They claim that it is “god statue ” so many people came here to spray for good things.

Vu Tam


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