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Getting married but not forgetting the “occupational disease”, the bride put her foot on the chair and pour the wine into the guests’cup, making the groom embarrassed
January 02 2019, 9:15 AM
In front of a large number of relatives and guests, the young bride puts her feet on a high chair and invites friends for alcohol.

Many people joke that this girl still hasn’t forgotten the habit of working.

Wedding is one of the greatest occasions for every human being. On this day, the bride is the most beautiful and gorgeous person. They themselves always try to behave in a gentle way to match the important day.

In front of all relatives and guests of the two families, proper behavior and seriousness also show respect for them. However, there are a few young brides who are quite carefree and innocent in their behavior.

Recently, the image of a young bride puts her feet on a chair and drink wine with her friends in the wedding in the inability of the groom has attracted great interest from netizens.

At the party, the bride wore a pretty red dress. The gold jewelry set exudes the beauty and elegance of the young bride.

But when looking down below, they all had to surprised. The bride put a foot on the high chair, holding a glass of wine in her hand. Suddenly, the groom appeared silently behind her, making the young girl have to stand. The groom Xiao Lang quietly appeared from behind and witnessed the whole scene of his wife grabbing her dress.

Some people even sternly reminded the bride to be more careful in this big day like this and avoid embarrassing her guests.

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