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How to get pregnant from swimming? Indonesian woman has the answer
August 10 2018, 10:35 AM
Why people can have pregnant when going swimming?

A young Indonesian woman has become a national punchline after confidently claiming in an April 14 Facebook post that a woman can become pregnant simply by swimming in the same body of water as a man.

The confused young lady is Liza Zabri and her baby-making theory has been shared thousands off time, and you can imagine the comments.

Liza explains that fertile women should be careful if planning to take a dip if the pool contains men.

For sperm present in water — presumably oozed from the men — can swim a great distance and penetrate a woman via pores in her skin.

This, ladies and gentlemen, is how one can become pregnant without having sex..

It might sound hilarious, but this idea didn’t come from anywhere. Liza says she “learned it from her teacher” in a religious study class.

Needless to say, that teacher probably never studied biology.

Just three days after her post went viral, an embarrassed Liza admitted she had it wrong posted a public apology.

It would seem Indonesia’s youth are in dire need of a proper sex-ed program.

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