Furious wife uses high heels to hit husband's pregnant mistress' stomach
The one with biggest fault is the husband, yet why woman only hurts each other?

Jealousy can get the best of anyone, this woman below, is no exception.

The woman, identified as "S", from a village in China has just found out that while she was preparing for her pregnancy, her husband was cheating. Woman is scary, not to mention pregnant woman with changing hormone and pressure.

So, she decided to meet the mistress and teach her a lesson.

The furious wife brought her gang with herself. After talking for a while, they simply decided that, no more nonsense chit chat.

The mistress is pregnant, these cruel women use high heel to hit her stomach.

It is clear that the one taking this record is a man. It's so hard to get why he or anyone stand by could just stand there and record all this. No one said the mistress was innocent, yet has EVER violence solved the problem?

These women used all their violence on her, intending to make the mistress miscarry 

More scary, they stripped her. 

The girl was helpless. Maybe she learnt herself that having love affair with other's husband is morally and PHYSICALLY wrong.

However, did she deserve to be insulted, stripped on the crowded stress? If the husband was loyal, he wouldn't blink an eye even ten girls like this seducing him. Why putting all your anger on a pregnant woman while she is not only guilty one? And this kind of violence, is illegal.

Women, do a cheating husband worth your going to jail for assaulting? Think straight and never act like this, please.

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