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Funny pictures: Sufferings in winter that everyone experiences
January 07 2019, 10:36 AM
We have summarized the fears of winter through the funny pictures below. Try checking it out, when winter comes, what are you afraid of the most?

Many people love the winter because of the feeling of being breathed in pleasant air, wandering alone in the crowded streets, or sipping a hot coffee and watching smokes flying up from that coffee cup or simply enjoying a bowl of hot soup.

In winter, there are so many things to love, but there are times when it also brings uneasy cold chills! Winter knocked on the door with an ash-gray sky and cold rain to numb each cell, the monsoon came too suddenly, submerging all the excitement. And this is also the time when a series of winter obsessions appear. What if in the morning, while you is lying warmly in the blanket, the alarm clock rings to notice that it is the time to get up and go to school? Oh, surely, it’s not happy to hear that. Let’s see if you are afraid of all the ‘classic’ obsessions this winter!

Designer: Luong Hoang

Kim Ngan Do

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