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These funny pictures showing bizarre daily ‘tips’ will make you a big laugh!
December 01 2018, 10:37 AM
In life, sometimes there are problems that arise at that moment you do not know how to deal with it. These 'tips' will help you.

Life is not like dreams and no one is perfect. If there are some things going wrong, don ‘t blame yourself but say it is life’ s fault.

Daily tricks following will help you deal problems that are the most embarrassing, difficult in unique way!

It’s just kidding! In addition to soaking your feet with a mixture of salt water, vinegar and lemon, you should limit your intake of foods such as onion and garlic as they make your body smelly.

Making a cup of coffee or a glass of tea with a slice of lemon and mint will help you get out of sleep and feel more excited.

Going to bed early and doing exerxises before sleeping will make you feel cheery in the next morning.

Go to bed inside a mosquito-net and keep your bedroom clean. Apart from, putting dry mandarin/orange peel in your house will help drive mosquito away.

Just lie and close your eyes. Place smart phone, laptop or anything radiates radiation away from your body, especially your head.

Opening the textbook then reading it is a good choice, too.

Take a deep breath and relax your body. Do not drink any water or any drinks!

It’s just kidding! Remember to use lemon and baking soda powder scrubbing in your armpit.

Do not forget to prepare your vomiting bag and take travel sickness tablet when you’re travelling by car if you get car sick!

Mentioned tricks in pictures are for reference and temporary solving only. Therefore, in order to avoid to be joked by friends, you should not apply it frquently.

The article is entertaining mainly, please do not imitate!

Designer: Luong Hoang

Kim Ngan Do

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