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Funny moment: This little baby girl cried and screamed out loud because of her own shadow !
July 23 2018, 5:26 PM
The moment when this little girl first saw her shadow on the ground made viewers burst into laughters because of her adorablity.

Few days ago, a short clip was posted online, described the cute moment when this little girl was running away from her own shadow desparately.  The clip soon attracted attention of netizens.

At first, she was annoyed about something with her parent and started wondered around in the car park. Suddenly, she saw somthing dark beneath her feet, and whenever she went, that dark thing appeared not to leave her. She screamed out loud and ran away in vain and, finally, she fell down.

“what is this thing mom ? is it a monster ?”

“Tell it to stay away from me mom, it’s not funny !”

Millions of views, likes and shares. They all commented that this baby girl was so extremely adorable.

” Haha, when i was at her age, i was anxious about the reason why that ‘dark’ thing followed me whenever i got out of house. And i even tried to catch my own shadow. Woah, my childhood, so stupid !”

Her father – Mike Jacobs is the one who posted this clip on his Facebook account with the caption: “Wait for it..” After that, she obviously became pretty famous. Additionally, she was introduced to join ‘Today’ show of America. I believe that all of us love her reaction !

Check her cute video: 

Ngoc Anh

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