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Funny: when your father loves your mother “more” than you
August 31 2018, 1:43 PM
Women don't need great gifts or parties, they just want their husband to wholeheartedly love them.

Happiness of women is sometimes very simple. They always would like to live in a happy family where their husband wholeheartedly love them and their children.

This funny clip will be a typical example. It can be clearly seen from the video that there is a contest on eating watermelon in this family. The people who is defeated will spend amount of money for the winner. Each person puts the money on the table. and is ready for the contest. When the contest starts, 3 members try their best to win. However,the father would like his wife to win. Therefore, when the time is going to be over, suddenly the father hits his son’s head as if he forced him to slow down. Thus, the mother wins and gets all the money.

Everyone is ready

After being shared on the social networks, netizens have been quite excited because they thought that the father “love” his wife “more” than his son. One commented: “Funny, my father is the same, what am I doing now?”

Yeah! Mother is the winner

Recently, netizens widely shared the similar clip showing the same situation in a young family. In the clip, the father wanted to stand by his wife so that he put his little son down to the floor. However, the son was very cute because he climbed to the bed and lied between his mother and father. As a result, all of them stayed in bed and slept happily.

The little son climbed to the bed and lied between his mother and father

Needless to say, family is always the most peaceful place for us to come back. Don’t think that your father loves your mother more than you due to the fact that he loves all the members in his family.

Watch video:

Vu Tam


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