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Funny but alarming: traffic situations are only available in Asia
August 23 2018, 4:06 PM
This clip collects the situations which are easily causing accidents of the "ninja" in recent months.

In this video, it can be clearly seen that there are many traffic violations caused by people on the road.

First, People move to another lane without having signals

The woman moving from her house to the road without signal

The woman turning left caused accidents


The accidents happened between 2 vehicles

Second, Crossing the road will be very dangerous unless people do not pay attention to other people and vehicle on the road.

Crossing the road without attention is very risky

Third, Going in opposite direction in one-way street will be fined by the police.

The woman is going in opposite direction in one-way street

Controlling the vehicles without attention is likely to lead to accidents.

The woman traveling around caused accidents

Fortunately, there have been few people hurt in these situations.

Besides, not long ago, netizens widely shared a video of a woman on her motorcycle standing in the middle of the road to answer the phone and therefore preventing the car from travelling. The owner of the car was so angry that he got off the car and pulled the woman to  the curb. Thus, answering the phone on the road should be fined by the police to ensure the traffic safety on the road.

The woman is using cell phone on the road

The owner of the car got off the car and pulled the woman to  the curb

After watching this clip, it is advisable that people always obey the traffic rules if they don’t want to have accidents that seriously affect their family in particular and society in general. Hopefully, this clip will make people aware of the necessity of obeying the traffic rules because ‘safety is always friends  but accidents are enemies’.

Watch video: 

Video source: Vietnam.net

Video source: Vietnam.net

Vu Tam

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