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Fully tatoo youngster scared of getting injection. Started to freak out when seeing the needle: Please mam, I am so scared
July 01 2018, 10:42 AM
Afraid of getting injection is a common fear of any body. But when seeing a strong man with fully tatoo have to scared in front of a needle absolutely will make you cannot stop laughing.

Watch video:

In the video, a private who have just attend to Thai military with fully tatoo in his body. We all think that this is a brave man if we have just met this man. But the reality are so different. He start to get sweat when seeing the nurse hold an injection needle..

The nurse advice him: Whether who inject to you, it will get a bit of hurt right. But this private first class cannot keep calm and start trembling because of scared.

Look at this man crying when getting an injection, lots of people cannot stop laughing. The nurse keep encourage him to be brave: Everything going to be alright man.

But this young man keep crying lounder. He do not stop screaming. The nurse have to give him a pieces of paper to wiped out his tears.

After watching this video, so many viewers have left comment:

This tatoo man are so cute !

Trust me. Getting injection is a horrible experiences!

Minh Anh Nguyen

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