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Frightened moment that two ‘Spider-Man’ climb four floors with bared hands to save the baby trapped outside the balcony
September 11 2018, 4:37 PM
It seems that this year there are quite a lot of 'Spider-Man' to relieve the people and animals which trapped in the air.

Of course, none of us have ever forgotten about the Spider-Man immigrant who climb four floors to save the baby trapped out of a window in France in May. On September 7th, in Changshu Town, Jiangsu Province, a similar incident occurred when two men were driving through an apartment building and found a child in danger hanging out of the forth floor window. Do not think too much, two brave men were quick to climb to rescue the baby.

Having climbed four floors to save the baby in danger, the two men are considered as new Spider Man.

This baby was left alone at home while sleeping. After waking up, he opened the window to climb out, then stucked and could not come back.

The parents of the baby thanked the two strange men. ‘I am really grateful to the two heroes who saved my son.’ ‘The father said the baby, and gave a warning to the same cases.

Previously, there were many similar cases. For some reasons, the babies in pictures below was trapped out of the balcony, the window of the eighth and fifth floor.

The boy was hanging out of the window on the 8th floor.

The baby gets stuck in the iron fence on the third floor.

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