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Fried chicken university: Anyone love fried chicken can come there, learn and eat
November 08 2018, 10:06 AM
Fried chicken university would help you master in cooking skill, in particular cooking chicken.

When it comes to university, people will immediately think of a place of delivering knowledge about academic subjects such as finance, medical, art and so on but a friend chicken university may amaze a lot of people. This university stems from a Korean chicken chain. Now the unique university is located in New York.

The fried chicken university hope that they can provide people with the best dish and the most clean ingredients

Some people might think why the chef could open such a university, everyone can fry some pieces of a chicken.  However, according to chef Samuel Kim, he would like to make a healthy eating habits to people. He’d like to share his thoughts and knowledge on mastering fried chicken with the best flavor and how to use fresh and healthy ingredients.

Equipped with six lecture rooms, a seminar-style auditorium, and a development lab led by 33 full-time researchers, BB.Q’s South Korean-based Chicken University is basically the Harvard of chicken academia. And after years of testing and tweaking recipes in its R&D center, the chain was finally ready to bring its notorious fried chicken stateside.

Chef Kim would like to promote Korean chicken flavor across the world.

According to BB.Q chef Samuel Kim, the secret to the place’s renowned chicken is olive oil. The spot’s fry-masters/chicken scholars hand-batter drums and thighs to order and fry them in extra-virgin olive oil, which creates a longer-lasting flavor, an overall crispier texture, and a healthier piece of chicken (it’s free of trans fats when cooked in olive oil). For added spice, upon request, the chefs will hand brush each piece of the “golden olive chicken” with a secret house-made sauce (tomato, onion, garlic, and a top-secret spice blend).

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