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Found out the “national hairstyle” that is suitable for all shape of face: round, square or plump
August 06 2018, 2:58 PM
This is the hair style that help the girls "peeling" pretty without worrying about defects on the face.

Being a girl, anyone always want to own the elegant Vline face, but angular  and rough jawor or plump cheeks makes them self-deprecating. However, with this hair style, you can hide the defects on the face while improve your beauty in a jiffy.

The divine hairstyle that helps a girl to be more confident is curly long hair. This is the “magic wand” that help you deal with all the faces’s shape, from the round face or square face, even long face. Long curly hair is also a way to make girls look more attractive and beautiful.

A slightly angular face or plump cheeks will disappear if you “untie your hair.” Indeed, this is a evidence to many successful women. Long curly hair help their faces to be more beautiful, slimmer and more feminine. With this hair, you can combine the throne or the lovely bangs. Long hair is quite gentle, elegant and always makes people pay attention.

If the previous time, the short hair makes every girl go crazy in 2018, it has gradually ceded for the new trend is long hair.It is not only suitable for almost shapes of faces, but also has the advantage when combined with different styles, and different circumstances that give the owner the most perfect appearance. If you go out, let’s untie natural long hair associated with some lovely accessories such as rings, earrings, eyeglasses, but when going to the elegant the party, do not forget to have atrrative make up.

Being as “immortal love,” despite the multitude of hairstyles, the long hair is considered as the traditional style has become a hot trend holding the hearts of women. Even if you do not want to dye your hair, keep the natural black, simple color.

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Xuan Trinh

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