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This ‘food illusionist’ makes incredible, confusing desserts shaped like ashtrays
September 19 2018, 2:14 PM
You might’ve never looked at an ashtray and thought ‘God, I’d love a bite of that’ but with Ben Churchill’s creations, you just might.

The food illusionist, 31, creates amazing meals that resemble, well, some pretty ugly things, such as rotting fruit, maggots, and worms coming out of the ground.

Don’t worry though, it’s all edible and tastes amazing. Ben, from London, has been taking inspiration from mundane objects and surprising fans of his work with his dessert creations.

At first glance, Ben Churchill’s Instagram and Facebook pages seem to be filled with photos of random, inedible objects and savory dishes like an ashtray.

But the professional chef, who taught himself how to make desserts three years ago, is actually an expert in all things sweet.

Churchill fell into the culinary world “by accident,” he told the Endpaper blog in 2017. After the chef dropped out of art school (he didn’t see a future in it), he took a job cooking at a local pub. But it wasn’t until about 2015 that he started learning how to make pastries.

A self-described food illusionist, Churchill also transforms decadent cakes into dirty kitchen sponges, fresh parfaits into moldy oranges, and Panna cottas into ashtrays — all while ensuring his creations remain delicious, despite what they may look like.

Many netizens show their interest in his amazing food illusion.

“Not sure I could eat it because it looks so real.”

“Honestly you should think of doing a steak and veg… would be so cool…. and totally do-able.”

“I thought it was real at first! Nice shot!!!!”



Watch video:

Source video: Chef Ben Churchill

Source: Chef Ben Churchill

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