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Flirting with other people, the girl was pulled out in the middle of the road and dumped acid on body
December 12 2018, 9:18 AM
60% of the reasons for divorce are due to adultery.

Marriage is a bond between two people. Long-term marriage depends on many factors such as faithfulness, sacrifice, etc. The element of fidelity greatly affects on  marriage. Holding faith in love is the responsibility of both. According to statistics, 60% of the reasons for divorce are due to adultery. Most of the adultery is from the husbands. When the wives discover the husband’s adultery , they are very angry and they want to take revenge on her husband’s lover. However, the use of acid has exceeded the limit and it should be punished by law.

Friction took place on the street

It is known that the girl flirts with man who have wife

The wife leads a lot of people to beat husband’s mistress

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