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A five-metre-long python spitting out a pet cat!!
August 09 2018, 3:24 PM
This gigantic python slithers in a home and swallows the homeowner’s cat.

Pythons can swallow things that even bigger that its own weigh. They do that by squeezing the prey till it out of breath and then swallow the body. By that way, the pythons can slowly digest the huge amount of food they take in. There are many incidents happen when pythons come into houses and attack people and pets as they’re hungry.

This incident happens in a home in northern metropolitan Bangkok. The python is hungry and is searching for food.

It swallows and then vomits the pet cat.

When the animal control comes to take to python out of the house, it already eats the cat.

It takes 4 strong men to carries the python.

The cat is no longer alive after coming out of the python’s stomach

After the video was posted on SNSs, it receives more than 7 million views and hundreds of comment. Many of them have the same reaction, they all agree to kill the python: “If I saw these types of creatures lurking in my house, I would never give it a second thought but capture it and cook them alive and feed them to my cats. . “, “If it did that to my cat I would probably chop it’s head off.”

Kieu Anh

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