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Fishing boy is curious to used crab as bait, accidentally invented the “clip machine” under the water, the second photo was even more special
January 03 2019, 2:02 PM
Using crab as bait for fishing is new method!

Fishing lures have many types, some people use insects, some use small fish, others use shrimp, but using crabs as bait does not know if anyone tried it? A netizen used a small crab as bait …

Have you ever used crabs as bait?

Unexpectedly, this strange incident happened. Crabs not only do not get eaten by fish but they can grab fish, this makes the fishermen surprise …

This is really strange!

What a powerful assistant! However, such incidents have also happened abroad, this is a photo taken by a Reddit netizen, this image even “bombarded” the image a few times!

“What an effective tool!”

The probability of this happening is very rare, so this fishing trip will definitely make the person remember it forever.

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Phuong Thao

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