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The first date of father and daughter attracted 15 million viewers
August 26 2018, 8:44 AM
Mr.Aaron (American) wears an elegant suits and feels so nervous on the first date with his daughter.

Aaron Dickson is a father of two little daughters. He often makes videos about his family’s life and his children. On the Father Day two years ago, he produced a tearful video about the first day of him and the second daughter.

He wanted to send a message to every families about loving and encouraged men everywhere to love their kids.

The father has prepared to the first date for a long time. 

He is looked like so serious and very worried about that date. 

The suits is on his body, everything has done, but he can not hide his nervousness.

His “little lover” finally appears with the fresh smile. She’s looked so cute that nobody can close their eyes.

They have a meal with table full of roses, candles. Such a romantic date!

Until being face to face with his “lover”, the father is still so confused. His hands hold so tightly.

After all, they have a perfect date because the daughter smiles so beautifully like this. 

The video has gone viral on social media and given many positive comments from netizens, not only from the daughters, but also from the fathers in the world..

A female account shared that: “My daddy used to do the same thing. We’d go to the mall, and walk around, then go to Boardwalk Boulevard. We’d go every Sunday. We always called it “Father-Daughter Day.” Unfortunately, Boardwalk Boulevard closed. Yet, those amazing memories will never leave me, nor my dad”.

Some fathers would like to comment:

“You guys don’t get it. The dad is setting a standard for the girl. So when the girl gets older and guys start courting her she will have a high standard because her dad showed her what a real gentleman is”.

“Jesus, am I the only guy who got teary eyed? She is adorable. I would love to do this someday”.

“I was inspired to do this with my daughter. Thanks for this video! She had a smashing time and could not stop talking about it!”

How’s about you? What do you think about this video?

Watching video:

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