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The filial daughter gifted her father the glasses deemed to be normal, the father just wearing immediately bursted into tears
August 10 2018, 4:01 PM
For nearly a lifetime, the color blind father did not see the colors like blue, purple ... so suddenly when seeing the bright and abundant colors, he could not stop holding the tears and bursted into joy.

On his 66th birthday, Noll Stafford, from Florida (USA), had a great experience. He was given the glasses by his descendants, and when wearing it, he was only able to express his amazement and happiness. This was an invaluable gift to him.

The father’s invaluable birthday gift 

This special glasses has edited his color blindness around for years, allowing him to see the world in brighter and more real colors. According to ABC News, the touching moments captured both Noll Stafford’s passion for seeing flowers, grass as a child.

The father enjoyed color life when wearing glasses

The Noll Stafford’s glasses was produced by the Enchrom company. As we all know, human eyes have three types of sensitive cells: blue, red and green cone cells. These three types of cells work together to give us a glimpse of the rich colors that most people enjoy. But in some people, they are not linked, reducing the amount of colors that the eye can distinguish or also known as color blindness.

The color in the normal person’s eyes are different from the monotone color in the color blind person’s eyes 

The result is that the wearer’s brains can separate overlapping signals from red and blue cone cells. Because you can see the wavelengths separately, the color spectrum becomes vivid and clear.

However, glasses developers insist, this is not a cure for color blindness but a “supportive optical device.” Although the price offered is quite expensive, $ 349 for adult glasses and $ 269 for children’s glasses but it clearly changed the lives of many people.

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