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Fetus’s arm is being cut off inside the mother’s worm, the reason will make everyone shook
August 11 2018, 9:37 AM
When the baby was taken out of the mother's tummy, the doctor was shocked to see the child's body.

Having a healthy baby is something that every parent desires. But not everyone has such good luck. In many cases, although when mother does ultrasound, there is no sign of abnormal problems, after the baby is born, the mother is shocked to see her baby.


A recent heartbreaking case was told by many young mothers that the fetus’s arm was cut off from the mother’s womb, but not until the operation was the problem being discovered. The mother in the case named Christabel gave birth to her first daughter. The doctor was shocked when her daughter’s arm was cut off in the mother’s womb.

Kết quả hình ảnh cho amniotic band syndrome

According to her story, she does ultrasound throughout the pregnancy and does not detect any special syndrome at all. Doctor diagnoses that the fetus has amniotic band syndrome (ABS), congenital disorders when one or more strands of elasticity such as amniotic fluid through the amniotic fluid a trap for the fetus). These ribbons wrapped the fetus left arm, sawing it in half, and also causing the three fingers on the right hand to being cut off.

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Looking at her unlucky child, she only cried and prayed that her daughter could grow up in a healthy and peaceful way.

Amniocentesis is the phenomenon of one or more amniotic fibers, usually caused by a random or non-maternal or inherited condition. Researchers claim that the cause of the amniotic strips is that the membrane inside the amniotic sac breaks, causing the membranes of amniotic fluid to float in the amniotic fluid. Any part of the fetus can be wrapped or cut off.

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