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Ferret thinks human hand is it’s baby and takes it to bed
December 07 2018, 4:12 PM
The cute footage shows the mother displaying a severe case of baby brain as she seems adamant one of her brood is trying to escape bedtime.

A maternal ferret seems to have a severe case of the baby brain as she tries to drag her owner’s hand away thinking it’s the kit. Footage shows her grab one of her litter by the scruff of the neck and carry it off to the back of the hutch.

She then goes back towards the open cage door where her owner has her hand resting and latches onto the woman’s thumb before pulling her entire arm in.

Vic wrote: “That’s charming, because the ferret considers you “family”, and tries to keep the clan together.”

Zerofuxgiven said: “Being very gentle bless her.”

And Master Blaster mused: ” She’s saying “you stay here and take care of these damn things while I go out and have some fun”.

The female ferret – called a Jill – let’s go before reattempting the process number of times while her three babies sniff around in the background.

The 30-second video was uploaded to LiveLeak with the title ‘Ferret takes a finger to bed’.

The accompanying message reads: “Our little Jill doesn’t seem to know the difference between a hand and a kit.”

The footage has been played more than 12,000 times in the first five hours of being published today and has attracted 165 comments.

Source: Mirror

Hai Linh


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