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Feet have these 3 signs at the same time, please be alert because you can be having kidney-related diseases
January 05 2019, 9:49 AM
Feet which are seen as "gateway" that connects to many parts of the body, show how healthy you and your internal organs are. When these 3 signs appear in your feet, pay attention because your kidneys can be having problems.

1. Swollen feet

Kidney is responsible for coordinating “water” in the body with detoxification function of the human body. If your kidneys have problems, they will have  a typical symptom such as swelling, which will affect your normal walking.

Normally, when travelling, your feet will have equal power on both sides. But if you see abnormal footsteps, instability and swelling in your feet, it may be a warning sign that kidney functions are affected. For example you have nephrotic.

2,Toenails suddenly turns white and pale

When your kidneys have diseases, they will affect your body’s blood circulation, which leads to the fact that your feet cannot receive the necessary amount of blood and so they will turn white and pale because of lack of nutrients.

If your little toes are thicker, which means you are having good kidney with normal functions. If you find that your toenails are pale and your fingernails are skewed and thin, then your kidneys have problems. You need to take care of them.

3. Toenails have nail bed that shapes pale white semicircle.

Nail bed is often an important feature to assess each person’s health. If kidney function is good, toenails are usually light red in color, and have nail bed. This is also an important feature that shows kidneys are very healthy.

However, If your toenails look pale and didn’t have light red and semicircle-shaped nail bed , it is a sign of anemia in the  feet or your kidneys show signs of functional impairment.

Source: Health/Sohu

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