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If you feel too bored with regular fried donut, let’s try this sushi donut, look beautiful also taste yummy
July 27 2018, 2:09 PM
This sushi donut has created a trend of food for young generation New York since its appeared.

If you are a fan of sushi dish from Japan, you may confident that you had tried all kind of sushi from Chirashi, Nigiri to Oishi or Inari. But not enough yet, once more sushi just appears recently and very unique so you can add in your “collection”, that is Sushi Donut.

To American, donut is eternal “love” their soul. So they can create so many dish from the donuts. And sushi, traditional flavor from Japan. When it was introduced to New York City, the Poketeria store “transformed” them into colorful and fresh donuts.

Unlike ordinary sushi rolls with seaweed outside, Sushi Donut is big and round with fish and fresh vegetables on top. To make a sushi donut looks beautiful and assembled well like that requires the chef very skillful and clever.

A ring mold is necessary to make this dish. Sticky, hot rice is pressed tightly in this mold to form the donut shape. When pressed in half they will add sauce, spices, cavier in the middle of sushi donut to make the dish more flavorful. Then continue add rice and press the rest.

To take the rice out, they use a piece of seaweed to put at the bottom, flip the sushi back, it will easily slide out and in the shape of a donut.


Next, fresh sliced fish, vegetable or caviar will be decorated on top of the donut sushi. Depending on the flavor that customer choose the chef will make it so harmony and balance. That will be the salmon fish, caviar, avocado or seaweed… Layering each flavor over the rice and attach them along the rim to make the dish look better. And, you have to leave a blank space for sesame topping because they are indispensable in any sushi.


Now, the sushi looks like a donut but it is more fresh and colorful. There is no crispy and fatty usual, this dish is still keeps the sweetness of the raw food, with sticky rice. Just grab it and have a bite, you will feel the full flavor of this unique sushi.

Poketeria is a popular New York shop for sushi from Japan’s cuisine. The place is always innovative, creative with a variety of sushi kind but still keep their traditional flavor, such as sushi burritos also used to a trend.

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