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Feeding for super mischievous triplets, the mother uses the special way to control them when all of them ask to breastmilk
August 18 2018, 10:44 AM
The viewers can not stop looking at the scene 3 babies follow the mother to ask for milk. They look like lovely piggies!

Parents always wants the best things for their children. However, when you are busy with work, we will easily get into bad habits and it is difficult to ensure the preparation of decent meals for the whole family, especially your babies. Meanwhile, nothing is more important than a well-balanced diet for themselves as well as for the development of the baby.

In this clip, the mother seems to be very busy with triplets. They are very mischievous but she always care them and tries to create goo habits for her babies.

The triplets cry continuously and ask for milk. 

They follow the mother and cry.

They look like the piggies who are very hungry. 

But they are obedient immediately when the mother call them to climb on the bed. 

This is the good way to build the good habits for kids. 

Watching video: 

Xuan Tr


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