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To feed your child is no longer a fight, parents can apply this simple but effective way
September 12 2018, 4:45 PM
You just need have a little skillfull performances, make sure your child is eating well

You just need have a little skillfull performances, make sure your child is eating well

Take care of children is both the endless happiness and the difficulties of parents.  One of the most difficult steps is to feed your baby every day.

There are children who know how to cooperate with their parents to have good meals quickly. But there are also children who feel that eating is extremely difficult and not enjoyable. For these babies, parents often have to struggle to get a baby powdered spoon.

Feeding your child is always a fight

However, if you watch the short video below then it is very likely that you will learn a good way to feed your baby a little more smoothly!

The baby does not really enjoy the bowl of flour in his father’s arms

The secret of his father is the pink teddy pig

After watching his father’s performance with teddy pig, the baby immediately eat a spoonful of powder

As soon as it was posted, the video caught the attention of many people, especially young parents – who could daily struggle with their children’s meals. Many people praised the way this father worked and are sure that they will try to apply to their children also. On the other hand, many who do not have children at home or have experienced this difficult period, only rewarded with “like”.

Anorexia affects the overall development of young children. Find the right way that fit for your child and the most important thing in caring for and raising that baby is perseverance. Of course, be patient and confident that you are doing the right thing and the best for your child. Without persistence, you can’t be successful.

Watching video:

Hao Luong Luong


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