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Fear of dipping beef into matcha, durian and tapioca balls as hotpot, just the brave dare to try
December 26 2018, 3:02 PM
How many people dare to try this new style of beef hotpot in a bizarre way?

Recently, hotpot has become various and diversified in types. As for many people, hotpot is their favourite in the winter. However, a new type of hotpot called milk tea hotpot has been loved by Chinese youngsters recently. It will be nothing to say about if this dish is just a combination of milk tea, fruits, and the main ingredients is traditional shabu shabu beef hotpot.

All the side-dishes are tapioca balls, Oreo biscuit, sweet potatoes, beef, etc. The hotpot pot is divided into two compartments, one is matcha milk tea and the other is the traditional one. After the broth boiled, eaters will put ingredients into it, dip it through but longer if dipping beef. Looking at the green of matcha milk tea and the red thin slice of beef mixing together, many people are amazed, even they can not imagine the taste of these two after mixing.

Compared to other fruits, girls like durian more. Commonly, people will crack intact durians right on their table then dip its pulp into the broth. Durian itself has made many people uncomfortable with its smell and it is more awful when mixing with fatty American beef.

Milk tea, matcha, tapioca balls, oreo biscuit, sweet potato, durian, etc. are favourite food of many people but how will they taste if mixing with beef? Some people said the taste was so bizarre but it is edible. Others said that this dish was so awful and it might cause diarrhoea.

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Nguyet Hang Do

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