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The father and his son dirturb Got talent show by an acrobatics performance
August 09 2018, 10:25 AM
The creative acrobatics performance of the Dad and his son makes viewers can not stop looking at them.

Ukraina's got talent is an Ukrainian reality television series, and part of the global British Got Talent series. It is a  show that finds out singers, dancers, sketch artists, comedians, and other performers of all ages competing for the advertised top prize of 1,000,000 Ukrainian hryvnia.

In this show, many unbelievable performance as well as excellent people is found out. The professional of this


ad and his son can give you a different view about acrobatics - creative and skillful.

The father and his son must have practiced too many times. 

Look at their professional performance!

The perfect cooperation between father and son.

The performance is not only their talent but also hard working practice. 

The excellent performance makes audience can not stop watching.  

They finish the show with the beautiful movement. 


Watching video: 

Xuan Trinh

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