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Fate is real: This married couple has been together since they was new-borns
January 25 2019, 3:34 PM
The love story beyond time will light a hope that your other half is still waiting for you in somewhere else. 

The amazing love story of newly married couple Jemma and Daniel Langley has been through nearly 3 decades. The first time they met may be the day they were born in the same hospital, which means their mother met each other at that time.

“The story began when Daniel’s mother and my mother began labor, they were arranged to stay in the same room, lying beside each other in William Angliss hospital in Upper, Ferntree Gully, Australian in April 1989,” told Jemma.

Both of the young mothers talked to each other many things while waiting for their delivery.

“Later on April 14, 1989, my mother gave birth to me. After that, a midwife held me in her arms and took me to meet Daniel’s mother, therefore apart from my parents, doctors and the midwife, she was the one who met me when I first came to life.”

The following day, Daniel also came to life and the two mothers met each other again. They then became friends and together underwent stressful delivery in the hospital.

“My parents and Daniel lived quite far apart so we just got in touch via phone calls, on each special occasion, we held parties to meet each other. However, when we were 9 or 10, we lost in touch.”, Jemma continued telling.

In 2013, Jemma accidentally saw an online hair tutorial on Instagram of Daniel’s sister.

“I also followed the page and after a while, I followed Daniel’s Facebook. We started chatting via Messenger.

I made an appointment with his younger sister for hair coloring. Her salon is also their home.”

Hardly had Daniel’s mother seen Jemma when she was so pleased with Jemma and expressed her intention to take their photos for keeping sake.

“After that, we got close. In 2014 Mother’s Day, Daniel and I officially involved in a relationship.”

In 2016 New Year Eve, Daniel asked for Jemma’s hand in a romantic dinner at Royal Botanic Gardens in Melbourne. Jemma was so moved to burst into tears, accepting Daniel’s proposal.

When both of their families met, the story was added more sweets when the two mothers met each other again. They quickly told about the fate between all of them. They were also very happy when their children loved and married each other.

Their wedding was held a year later, they also had their own house and has been waiting for first baby.

The story has confirmed fate is something that miracle, for everyone. Though we don’t know who will be the one we meet, may be the relationships that we know has been appointed previously.

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