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Fat abdomen, wrinkled, stretch marks after birth will be hit by using alcohol ginger
September 14 2018, 1:45 PM
Secret to help newborn mothers "peeling" after birth quickly get back to the compact body with beautiful skin flawless.

There are quite newborn mothers that haunt weight with belly fat abdomen with cracks, skin wrinkles after birth. They both affect the psychology of women as well as the enemy of beauty. However, with a bottle of ginger turmeric, the mother of each ear will help women quickly escape the nightmares of belly fat and ugly crack.

Alcohol helps women reduce fat belly beauty skin including natural ingredients, easy to find like ginger, turmeric and gac seed. According to the study, ginger contains gingerol that reduces the amount of cholesterol in the body. Because ginger is hot, it produces heat when exposed to the skin to accelerate the decomposition of fat. The presence of art will bring efficiency to the skin whitening, frown lines, wrinkles, black spots, increase resistance, immunity, anti-skin infections. Gac seeds are smooth, soft skin, oil in the kernel of oil will promote skin regeneration process, remove the stretch marks. Combination with white wine will be a catalyst to bring nutrients into the pores.

Prepare materials:



-3-4 litres of wine

-A large glass bottle


– Ginger, turmeric when buying old, fresh type does not wither or fail. The ratio of ginger, turmeric is 1: 1.

– Soak ginger and turmeric in water pots to remove the soil completely. Wash them and crush them, keeping the shells unchanged should not be sliced because it takes time and does not bring the desired effect.

-Cover the lid and place in a cool place, avoid the sun, it is best to clear the ground about 2-3 months. After the finished product is dark yellow, no scum or foam is standard

-After showering, using nylon gloves with cotton pads or buckets of cloth to ginger on the abdomen, buttocks, thighs and cracked skin. Massage gently to allow the wine to absorb the whole body.

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Source video: Blogtamsu

Source: Blogtamsu

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