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Famous male actor saves and brings up a girl from the garbage bin who is beautiful like a princess after 20 years
November 21 2018, 3:15 PM
Years ago, an infant girl was found abandoned near a roadside garbage dump in West Bengal, luckly, she was saved by a famous actor.

Owing to deep-rooted patriarchy in the Indian society, abandonment of the girl child by parents is a harsh reality we deal with.

Years ago, an infant girl was found abandoned near a roadside garbage dump in West Bengal. When popular actor Mithun Mithun Chakraborty got to know of her plight, he decided to rescue and adopt her.

Dishani Chakraborty was noticed by a few passersby and was rescued by an NGO and a few government officials. Abandoned near a dustbin, it was reported that the baby was in an extremely weak condition and crying incessantly.

Mithun came across the story and immediately rushed to the home where she had been kept after being rescued.

Mithun decided to adopt her, and his wife Yogita Bali completely stood by him in this noble decision.

It was reported that Yogita was so excited to hold the baby girl in her arms that she stayed up the entire night to complete and submit all the paperwork. She was then brought home and named Dishani. Since then, Dishani has been nurtured with all the love and care.

Mithun and Yogita have together raised Dishani along with their three other children — Mimoh, Ushmey, and Namashi.

Many years passed, from a tiny little girl Dishani was now grown up and she is so beautiful. Not only that, because of the nourishment, help of the whole family, the young girl is still happy to pursue her own passion.

Most recently, Dishani completed her acting career at the New York Film Academy.

Let’s look at some of her recent pictures.

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