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Famous Korean cheerleader has the dream combo of any girl: pretty face, long legs, slender figure
September 12 2018, 2:44 PM
Not only possessing long legs, beautiful figure, this Korean girl is also a factor to create a cheerful atmosphere making baseball games much more exciting.

There are many factors contributing to the excitement of a sports game. In addition to the talents of the teams participating, the cheers of the audience to stir up the atmosphere is also an It factor. Thanks to cheerful cheerleaders, many players have more strength and the audience is more motivated to stay up to the last moment.

Recently, Cha Young Hyun, a cheerleader from Korea, has attracted a lot of attention because of her beautiful look.

Possessing a small face, V-line and white skin without flaw, Young Hyun is always looking youthful and radiant.

In addition, her figure is extremely slender with long legs and admirable curves.

Cha Young Hyun was born in 1997. She is currently a cheerleader for The Burning Citrus cheer, under the LG Twins baseball cheerleader. She has been a professional cheerleader for three years.

Young Hyun’s youthful appearance has helped her become one of the most popular cheerleaders on Korean social media. Besides participating in the cheer group, Young Hyun also receives many promotional contracts.

Nguyen Mai Huong

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