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Falling into a giant cave hall, people are surprise due to stunning scene
October 24 2018, 3:14 PM
Beautiful cave hall is discovered in China.

An incredible cave hall which could fit two Great Pyramids inside has been found at the bottom of a vast sinkhole in Guangxi in China.

The cave hall, discovered earlier this month, is estimated to be 236 million cubic feet (6.7 million cubic metres) in volume and has been described as a ‘world-class’ find by experts.

A team of Chinese and British explorers lowered themselves into the 650ft (200m) long Nongle sinkhole using just one rope.

Sinkholes occur because of the interaction between water beneath the ground and soil erosion – a process that causes soil and rock to collapse in.

Inside the sinkhole there were two connected cave halls, according to the footage from Euronews which was recorded at the site in Fengshan county in Guangxi.

The expedition on October 4 was led by Zhang Yuanhai geology expert from the Institute of Karst Research which is part of the Chinese Academy of Geological Sciences and Andy Eavis from the International Cave Association.

The entrance of the cave measures about 100 metres (328 feet) wide and the cave itself is about 200 metres (656 feet) long, according to the explorers.

The deepest point of the cave is about 118 metres (387 feet).

Lead explorer Zhang Yuanhai told that the cave hall was first discovered by a team of explorers from Hong Kong. Therefore, they have decided to call it ‘Hong Kong Haiting Hall’.

Watching video:

Source video: CGTN


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