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Fairy tale love story about unique couple between two-meter wife and one-meter husband
December 01 2018, 9:50 PM
Neglecting all public opinions, the beautiful girl still decided to marry with a poor one-meter man. 

Love will help overcome many difficulties, it seems that the difference in appearance doesn’t become a problem for the young couples. Love story of the couple isn’t rare in our life. The guy met and married a two-meter girl who is high as twice as him. The height of this man is only 1 meter.

The difference in height can’t prevent their love

Like many other love stories, they also have happy months, they feel each other because of sincerity. Their love story is also very difficult when they usually hear gossips about them. Moreover, the man also lives in a poor condition, but the girl doesn’t care about the problems.

They are having a happy life.

Until they get married, they can not believe that they can live in the same roof. Although they meet some half laugh half cry situations, they still have a happy life. Neglecting all coutrary opinions, the present young couple’s life is very happy despite many difficulties.


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