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The fairy tale of “The angel having no legs” who wanders around to care of lonely old people
January 30 2019, 1:57 PM
The young man lost one leg, but the God gave him a heart with angel's wings.

The 24-year-old boy lost one leg because of a traffic accident but he often did charity, seek to help and take care of the lonely elderly.

The story of the golden heart, as well as the extraordinary strength of the young man, has been spread by many netizens recently.

Although he had to cut one leg, the young man always maintained his optimistic sentiment. After recovering, Luu returned home and began rehabilitating.

The grace of Luu came to the days of helping lonely old people since he went to learn tattooing. At there, he met 87-year-old man, who was unmarried and had to live on pension.

From there, Liu takes care of the old man. Every day Luu went to the old house’s early, bought food supplies, cleaned the house and showered. This action touched the whole vocational training class of Luu, making people not afraid to help Liu take care of the old man.

Not only that, recently, Luu once again made the public admire because he spent three days searching for a lonely old man. After hearing the news about her , Luu quietly went to seek and ask about her whereabouts.

The old woman’s share caused Luu to cry, he decided to continue doing what he still did. He took care of the old people and give them the warmest love.

What about having no legs? Luu’s heart and his smile are so beautiful. Just laughing up is able to dispel the suffering of life.

Xuan Tr


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