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Some facts that National Geographic told us
December 07 2018, 3:27 PM
Some facts below can make you suprised.

Do you know how the top of the pyramids of Egypt looks like? How is “volcano bread” made in Iceland? Is the rare and beautiful phenomenon called “cross sea” real?

Tutankhamun’s beard fell off during a cleaning process in the Egyptian Museum? Why some types of orchids are called “devil’s plants”? Do you believe that Penguin poo can change the ecosystem of Antarctica?

That’s why we should learn new things about ourselves and the world surrounding us.

  1. The top of one of the Egyptian pyramids

2. Canaries can change their color when being fed red pepper.

3. There used to be a musical composition in the Vatican that was performed once a year and was prohibited from being copied.

4. The rare and beautiful phenomenon called “cross sea” exists.

5. Tutankhamun’s beard fell off due to a cleaning process in the Egyptian Museum in 2014.

6. Some types of orchid was called ”Evil” because of its apperance.

7. A colorless rainbow appears under certain conditions.

8. GPS is free for the whole world but expenses for it spending $2 million per day.

9. If you are from Russia, you could live in different cities despite not moving anywhere. The reason is that the names of some Russian cities have been changed so often.

10. The ecosystem of Antarctica can be changed by Penguin poo.

11. Avocados are poisonous for birds, cats, dogs, rabbits, and other pets.

12. Iceland has a tradition of baking bread in the ground.

13. Thousands of giant ice balls appeared along the shore on the Yamal Peninsula in Western Siberia in 2016.

14. The Sahara turns from a forest into a desert per 23 000 years.

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