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Face expression ‘I am not affraid of sand!’ of the Korean girl when her cute father teased her
December 05 2018, 3:30 PM
Inspite of uncomfortable feeling, she still decided not to cry nor protest; perhaps she did not want to be considered as chickenheart by his sister.

Summer is excellent time to steep in seawater. Although it is late in the summer, we still have chance to have fun on the beach. Not only Vietnamese children but also Korean ones, they love to be taken to go out by parents in the summer. Hundreds of naughty games on the golden sunshine beach will become unforgettable childhood memories to each other.

Recently, when going to the sea with her family, a Korean baby girl was provoked by her father by burying her under the sand. Her series of face expressions made everyone burst into laughter. She clearly did not like her father’s joke when he kept piling up her with sand. Although she was unhappy, she said nothing because she did not want to be called “chickenheart” by her sister.

Although she wore sunglasses, she could not hide her angry face. The pictures of her loveliness and the father’s cuteness posted by the account @ 2 ___bbum on the social networks. Maybe so many years later, on looking back at her today, the girl will laugh happily: ‘I’m too cute’, but at that moment maybe she just wanted to say to her father: ‘Daddy, it’s enough. I’m not happy at all!’

While she was not able to smile because of her father’s joke, her sister was very excited to be buried under the sand. She smiled as she challenged her little sister’s rage.


Baby girl and her mother

Kim Ngan Do

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