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Having face distorted by giant tumors causing him to go blind in one eye, 9-year-old boy is called a “monster” by cruel bullies who think he is wearing a mask
December 07 2018, 3:41 PM
These horrifying pictures show the true extent of a tumour-causing condition an nine-year-old boy has to suffer. 

Amare Stover was born with neurofibromatosis type one (NF1) so he is called a ‘monster’ by cruel bullies.

In addition to twisting and distorting his face, he has severe learning difficulties and his swellings have left him blind in one eye.

According to the doctors’ warnings, he will eventually lose his sight completely unless he has an operation soon as the masses just keep on growing.

Although being discriminated by others, the boy received a lot of encouragement from his parents, so now  he is  9 years old and has strong spirit  than ever.

Though he often goes to the hospital for complications caused by his face, the boys is always cheerful to the people around him and has a strong belief in a bright future.

Distorted face also affects his body. It is evident that his body development seems to be slower than the children of his age.

According to the boy, it is his mother that gave him the most motivation to continue living and believing. In fact, whenever there were bullies who took abusive actions, teased or laughed at him, she always stood by him to protect him.

Amare Stover also has a sister and a younger brother. His family is very close-knit.

Not caring for people who had disrespectful actions, Amare Stover and his family still live so happily. Every member of his family gave him an endless love.

Source: Daily Mail

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