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Extremely shocked with a clip of a girl’s suppurated lips – a warning to young damsels
August 07 2018, 11:12 AM
A girl got a bitter ending after doing lips-filler injection.

Are there any young girls who want to own such fascinating thick lips as Western girls’ after watching this clip?

Recently, netizens have been “scared to death” with a clip about a girl whose lips are full of pus. Not only does this make everyone panicky with “horror” images but it also makes the victim shocked with what is happening to her lips.

The owner of this clip is Jessica Bennett, a 24-year-old girl from Sandiacre, who has just completed the 1ml -filler injection to fill up her lips. Previously, Jessica has also continued using this beauty trick up to 3 -4 times since the first time applying filler injection at the age of 18. However, it is not simple as it was until this time that she noticed her lips beginning swelled up and getting worse. Moreover, there was no sign of improvement for the next couple of days.

Image of a duck-like due to the failed lips shared by Jessica

“It was one morning after waking up, suddenly the yellow stuff came out of my mouth and then I realized I had an infection.” “After any minor surgeries, the swelling is a very normal sign.”, she added. But her swelled – up lips have remained for more than a week. She has to use anti-inflammatory drugs repeatedly and “I looks like a duck all the time” – Jessica lamented.

Jessica’s previous image with “no upper lip” mouthpiece was the reason for her decision to inject lips-filler.

Despite being a beauty lover as well as having done many surgeries from big to small in even a number of parts of the world, Jessica still posts her “full lips” clip on the Internet for the purpose of warning damsels who are planning to have lips or any body’s parts else done: “I do not mean that you girls should not do, just be careful about Cosmetic Surgery Centers you will go to”.

She shared she had her chest surgery, using grease from stomach, back, arms to inject the buttocks and hips before

Not sure how much success she has had in previous surgeries to be satisfied with her appearance, but just a little negligence or a small risk is enough to bear the consequences. And Jessica’s tremendously infected lips are proving for that!

  Certainly, this is just one of  various cosmetic surgery’s victims. Although whether going to cosmetic surgery center for beauty or not is each person’s decision, do not let the blindness and lack of knowledge leading  you to bitterness, sis!

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