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Expose the beggar: he pretend not to have legs with aims of using empathy
July 30 2018, 11:51 AM
It's unbelievable that the beggar could think the trick to cheat people's money.

There are many lazy people who use the trust and empathy of people to make a living. They think all the ways to make ends meet.

Recently, some fanpages shared a video about young men who pretended to be the disabled. The video has received the attention from netizens.

He was taking off his pants

He continued to take off his pants at the second time

And finally, everyone discovered that he was the fake disabled

He cheated everyone thanks to tie the wire to his legs

The fake disables was exposed, which gave a meaningful lesson for many lazy people. In the society, empathy is really important when people need to love and support each other. However, the characteristic also gives the opportunity for many lazy people.

Watching video:


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