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Explore the beautiful aquarium in China
October 11 2018, 3:30 PM
This aquarium attracts a lot of tourists to visit, especially children.

Coming to China, beside some interesting experiences such as The Great Wall, the Palace in Bejing, tourists do not forget to experience the entertainment paradise, underground aquarium with countless marine life. After breakfast with typical local crab dishes, tourists should take a taxi to the beautiful water lagoon with countless fish species. After being explored, this aquarium attracts a lot of tourists to visit, especially young children. It is known that this new aquarium was built with beautiful scene. Every day, the aquarium receives thousands of tourists.

Beautiful fishes

Aquarium attracts a lot of tourists

The fish in here is very rare

Scene in Changfeng Park


Not long ago, a city under the lake was also discovered in China. Changfeng Park is a landscaped park in the west of Shanghai, China. Size of the park is 364,000 square meters. It includes a large lake in the center of the park. There are various facilities including a Sea Life aquarium and boating on the lake. The park is located in Putuo District.  To the east is East China Normal University. Global Harbor, a large shopping mall, is northeast of the park. Yin Chu Lake (“silver hoe lake”), and a hill, Tie Bi Shan (“mount of iron arms”).

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