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When expired cosmetic surgery, how will the parts of the body that interfered with cutlery deform?
January 31 2019, 2:14 PM
Cosmetic surgery is a beauty method that has time limits. So at some period, these intervening parts will reveal complications.

People often say “There is no ugly women, only women who don’t know how to beautify.” However, it does not mean that you must have surgery to refurbish beauty. Because plastic surgery is not a long-term beauty method. At some period, the parts that interfered with cutlery will reveal complications, even leaving a very frightening effect.

Usually the parts that women have cosmetic surgery are the chest, nose, eyes, lips and chin. When newly renovated these parts will be very perfect, but when it expires, how will it deform?

1. Nasal reshaping

Asians have flat nose features, so rhinoplasty surgery is the most popular. However the boundaries of ugly and beautiful plastic surgery are extremely fragile.

Typically, nose lifting is the most damaged and corrected cosmetic form. The main reason is that the nose repair is too high, too long compared to the nose structure of the Asian people, leading to the misalignment of the nose. On average 10 cases of rhinoplasty, up to 4 cases have to be fixed after only 3 years. When the expiration of the nose cosmetic surgery, the nose will deform depending on the level, from strange to terrifying.

After fixing the nose, her nose looks more perfect

However, there is also necrosis of the nose due to the inability to remove the cartilage and lead to ulceration, festering or deflection.

Her nose is necrotic after the cartilage expires.

Another case of deformed nose

Even worse, there was no need to expire, the newly repaired noses were deformed so hard to realize like this.

2. Breast lift

99% of women always dream of having a full round breast, so they always have the dream to “upgrade” it to be more attractive. Many people are willing to spend much money for mastopexy. But like the nose, until the expiration of the breast will be easy to be in “trouble” or distortion.

Her silicon breast was exploded. After putting it into the breast, the silicon in the chest suddenly has a problem.

Silicone placed on the breast after a while can “move”.


Don’t need to know if the warranty period has expired or not, after only a period of time, the artificial breasts may encounter so many frightening distortions.

3. Eyelid surgery

Besides lifting the nose and chest, eyelid surgery is also very popular today. Eyelid surgery is considered minor surgery because it can be done quickly, neatly, without causing too much pain. However, it is similar to the above two parts, when it comes to a certain period, the eyelids will be sagging, wrinkled and look very scary.

4. Lip augmentation

Lip augmentation is also a goal of beauty for women. Because a charming sexy lips will help women more confident. However, behind it are immeasurable consequences.

Lip augmentation often causes distortion, lip deformity, thin lips when getting old. When women start to be aging, their lips will be shrunken, combined with lip augmentation will create the bad lips.

Even, according to a lot of information, even if people have a good lips and keep it well, the “expiry date” is only about 36 months. Because the filler is injected into the lips that are derived from Hyaluronic Acid, a natural substance that the human body produces, over time, about 4 – 9 months, the body will gradually excrete this substance, bringing lips return to original state.

Cosmetic surgery is not bad but before deciding to “refurbish” any part of the body, think really well, or you will regret because of anything that is not worth it.

Source: oxii

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