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Experts warning: If eating these 5 poisonous parts of pigs, people can get necrosis poisoning, especially the number 5 mothers usually force feed their children
January 26 2019, 11:11 AM
Almost all parts of pigs can be processed into delicious dishes. However, there are still some parts which are absolutely not edible.

Mentioning of pork, no one is strange with this food anymore because it appears from day to day on the meals of many families. Eating pork helps supply the protein, fat, and minerals that your body needs to function and work. Moreover, pork is delicious and easy to eat, it seems that everyone can eat even adults or young children can eat this meat easily. Even patients can eat because pork is benign.

Besides, any part of the pig can be eaten, from pork head meat to shoulder meat, butt meat, belly meat, pork leg, lean meat, lard, bone, … all can be processed. In addition, the pig’s viscera (including heart, liver, kidney, small intestine, large intestine) are also edible.

Yet, the truth is completely different. Because experts have warned that there are some parts of pigs that you should limit eating to ensure health.

1. Pig blood contains many toxins

Among foods with iron supplements, pig blood tops the selection list. As long as the pig is healthy, products that made of its blood are usable.

But if you are not careful to buy blood of dead pigs, sick pigs or the blood are not fresh, that’s another problem.

Eating the blood which is cooked thoroughly is okay, but it is very harmful when eating raw or undergone blood, streptococcus from food will enter the human body and cause illness.

Evidence is 9 cases of necrosis due to streptococcus pigs due to eating blood curd and contact with sick pigs at Vietnam Tropical Hospital in 2017. Among them, some people died, some had severe necrosis leading to cut the limbs. It was a warning bell for people who ate the pig blood curd and ignored the doctor’s advice.

2. Pig liver – A place to release toxins

Pig liver contains many substances such as cholesterol and heavy metals. However, if you find this nutrient-rich ingredient to eat regularly, it is a huge mistake. Because not only pig liver but also most animal liver should not be ate much. The reason is because the liver is responsible for the body’s toxic discharge, so it is often exposed to toxic substances. It is not only a common toxin or bacterium but can also be a heavy metal, which in the long run increases the risk of organ cancer. If you eat liver, elderly people who are weak or have cardiovascular disease will easily add toxic substances to the body.

A healthy normal person also should not eat too much pig liver, considering how much food is needed to have the best possible elimination of toxins.

3. Pig lungs have a lot of dirt

Pig lungs are home to a lot of dirt and bacteria because this is the place where air exchange with the outside. With the characteristic of sticking their nose to the ground, pigs are more likely to accumulate a lot of dirt inhaled into their lungs every day. When eating this part, it is very easy to load into the body a lot of dirt, heavy metals. Of course, with clean processing and good resistance, normal healthy people can still eat pig lungs but should not eat much. Older people, people with chronic diseases should not eat pig lungs.

4. Pig intestine is a place to store waste of pigs, very dirty

Eating pig intestine is a hobby of many people. However, this favorite dish has many hidden dangers that threaten your health.

When we eat this can we forget one thing, the pig’s large intestine is a place to store waste products of post-digested food.

The pig’s intestine is where the microorganisms live more, there will certainly be many parasites, many bacteria that cause disease. If eating unprocessed or undergone intestine, these bacteria are easy to penetrate into the human body, and cause disease. This is also the cause of other dangerous diseases such as gout, acute pancreatitis, fatty liver, obesity.

5. Pig brain

Many mothers often buy pig brains and force feed their children and hope that they are smart, but in fact, pig brains do not have the effect of supporting brain development as rumored. On the contrary, eating a lot of pig brains also causes children to face the risk of obesity, dyslipidemia, and heart disease because the pig’s brain is rich in nutrients, 100g of pig’s brain contains 2500mg of cholesterol, which is 8 times higher than the cholesterol requirement of one person a day.

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