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Experts warn people of combining duck meat with this food that can lead to serious consequences
January 24 2019, 2:51 PM
Duck meat is very nutritious food. However, if you do not know the taboo food with duck meat but cook together or eat at the same time, it is extremely harmful.

Duck meat is a food that brings very high nutrition to health. in duck meat contains large amounts of protein, iron, calcium, phosphorus, vitamin A, vitamin B1, vitamin D, …

Eating duck meat has a good effect in supporting cardiovascular treatment, supporting TB and cancer treatment. However, even though this food is very good for health, if eaten incorrectly, it will be counterproductive, severe poisoning. In fact, if you are careless to cook duck meat with the following food, it is very dangerous for your life.

Trionychid turtle

If you eat duck meat and trionychid turtle, it will cause edema, diarrhea. In addition, trionychid turtle has many biological active ingredients, duck meat contains a lot of protein, eating together will degenerate protein, reduce nutritional value.

Besides, it should be noted that not everyone who eats duck meat is good for health, because there are absolutely people who should not eat duck meat. These conclude people who are suffering from a cold, get cough, gout, have poor digestive system; in addition, patients’ve experienced an operation.

Therefore, when processing duck meat, you must pay attention to not regret it later.

Kim Ngan Do

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