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Exciting performances of music with kitchen tools
August 18 2018, 11:25 AM
International artist Gina Hyungi Lee has had an interesting performance for Vietnamese audiences with kitchen utensils.

In more than 60 minutes, Gina Hyungi Lee took the audience to high music: from the famous chamber music of Piazolla (Libertango), Bach (Goldberg Variations: Aria and Variation No.21) to well-known works, written in the last 20 years such as “Dream of the Cherry Blossoms” (Keiko Abe). They are all appeared differently and interestingly through the percussion instruments such as “snare drum”, “marimba” …

Kitchen tools became musical instrument

In particular, she attracted the audience with impressive performance of “junk percussion” using kitchen tools: pots, pans, pans … and “body percussion” with the combination of rhythm and movement of the body.

Gina Hyungi Lee’s exciting performance.

This is the first time audiences have loved chamber music can be enjoyed the well-known “One Study” by the Greek composer John Psathas on the “junk percussion” – the kitchen  instrument. This is a famous work that the soloists enjoyed and has performed many times in the world.

Watch video: 

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