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Excellent tips for parents make children stop whining in a second
September 12 2018, 3:39 PM
Parents may follow these methods when the children whine.

Children know what they want, but they don’t know how to express their desire clearly, so they cry, kick and shout to attract attention. Sometimes children do excessively.

The phenomenon is quite common at the age of 2-3 as children begin to understand the world around them. If adults don’t prevent in time, the phenomenon may become a habit, even later, become their characteristic. Therefore, parents need to solve the problem at the beginning. You can follow the instructions below!

Do not give in to anger

Children will learn from your reactions. If you give them candy bars when they cry, they will understand: All things they have to do is  to cry when they want to get something.

Do not turn anger into a performance

If you are in public, find somewhere where you can calmly talk to your child without the other strange people. Sometimes you have no choice, you also have to handle your children’s anger in public.

Talk when your child is calm

When your child is in the middle of anger, you should be calm and should not give any reason to your child. When a child control his or her emotions, it’s a right time to educate and set limitations for children.

Distraction technique

When the baby starts crying, the face expresses angry,  you can do 12 things below:

1. Take the child to go to another room to help the child out of the situation that makes him angry. You can give them their private room.

2. It is possible to let children go outside, they will consume energy. This action doesn’t solve the problem, but it can help the child calm down and distract them.

3. Sing happy songs together, even dance together to change mood.

4. If possible, say you will do something and leave. You can ask them out with you or let your child calm down while you go. When the child knows it, he will be no longer frustrated and want to go with you.

5. Tell a story related to your child’s anger, but getting another subject like a bird or a fox. When listening to a similar situation from another subject in a fun way, it helps children understand what they are doing.

6. Tell a happy story. This will help them improve the mood before tackling the problem that makes your child angry.

7. Call pets. Let your child with the pet the pet while you solve the problem. If having something else beside, it will calm your child when you talk to them about the important lesson of emotion control.

8. Hold your opinion before the anger. For example, when leaving your home, you should calmly explain where you are going, what you are going to do and what you expect from your child. (Mother goes to the supermarket, we only buy milk and do not buy candy or toys, do you understand?). Do not threaten children, but tell them your feeling and concern.

9. Ask children to express what they need and want by word. Sometimes children whine because they aren’t enough words to express their wishes. With full attention to the child, you can help children find words to talk about their feelings.

10. Understand thoroughly your child. Nobody understands you better than you, so think about things that can make your child nervous. When you know what your child wants, you can help him prepare for the right response.

11. Make a secret word that your child can use when they need to tell you an important thing. In this way, you and your child can talk secretly while other people are at your side. Children only say one word instead of screaming to attract your attention.

12. Promote your imagination. Once you know why your child is angry, use the child’s creative and naive explanation to calm the child.

These methods aren’t lie or fear of a child, but it makes them forget about the problem and prevent the anger from becoming a habit.

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