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If every morning you see these signs, be careful to lose your life, because they indicate that you may have malignant cancer!
January 24 2019, 4:53 PM
Having cancer is like having one foot on the grave. However, it will not be scary if we find out and treat it in time.

In recent years, the incidence of cancer has increased rapidly. But just being detected the disease early and being treated by the right course, the patient will have the opportunity to prolong life expectancy, even recover completely.

Therefore, recognizing the symptoms of the disease is so important. Sometimes, just a simple sign, but may be the ‘clues’ to find the germ of cancer. If you get up early in the morning to see these four signs, you should watch out because you are likely to have cancer.

1. Having phlegm after waking up: lung cancer

In the morning, if you have a lot of sputa in the throat, you should not be subjective because only people with lung and bronchial problems have many phlegm in their neck. If your sputum has blood, be careful as this may be a sign of tuberculosis or lung cancer.

2. Blood in the urine: Bladder cancer

During the first urination of the day, you find blood intermixing with urine, your body is having a very serious problem.

According to experts in urology, these can be worrisome signs of kidney stones, bladder and even bladder cancer.

3. Loss of appetite after getting up: Gastric cancer

Waking up after a long night, you don’t feel hungry and don’t want to eat anything, even your favourite food. You should be careful because it may be a sign of stomach cancer. However, you should watch closely because sometimes the anorexia symptom also arises from stress or lack of exercise.

4. Blood stools: Bowel cancer

During the first defecation of the day, do not be subjective but watch closely. If you have good health, stools will be yellowish brown, not too heavy smell. However, if the stools are darker, drier, they may be hot or have stomach problems. The body gets hot so the stool will stick to it.

However, if you have bloody stools, you may have hemorrhoids or bowel cancer.

Kim Ngan Do

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