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Even if you are not beautiful, not perfect enough, you still deserve love
September 13 2018, 3:54 PM
One of the trickiest things about finding love is feeling like you deserve it.

In a society that frowns upon both mediocrity and serious expectations, it’s hard to maintain the attitude that you really do deserve love, even if you’re not a perfect person. It’s important to remember that you deserve the best, despite any one of these “imperfections” you may have.

Sooner or later, you will find your true love. He does not care about your appearance or intelligence. The most important thing is that finally among millions of people in the world, he has found you.

Everyone deserves to have their own sincere love !!

There is a saying that “Beautiful women are worthy of happiness”, making many people who are born without the advantage of beauty feel.

If you’re sitting at home thinking that you don’t deserve love because your body isn’t absolutely perfect, you need to stop watching TV and go look in the mirror because the truth is that nobody is perfect and you’re beautiful just as you are. Real people have physical imperfections, and they don’t make you any less valuable, no matter how hard society tries to convince you otherwise.

Who says women are not worthy to be loved and loved?

Women must remember that: You do not have to pay taxes to be called as women. Men always have to respect women. It is hilarious to see men who are only nice with beautiful women and look down on women who are not beautiful. These men are very cowardly. When the kindness of men depends also on the appearance of the woman? Women are beautiful or not, they are still women.

It is because the perspective “Only beautiful women deserve love” make many girls feelings of guilt and worthlessness and they feel that they do not deserve love.

That shows that women stop thinking that they have no chance to meet a good man if they are not attractive enough in terms of appearance. Sooner or later, you will find your true love. He will not care about your appearance or your imperfection, the most important thing is that among millions of people in the Earth, he found you and love you. That’s the point.

The truth is that there are many good and rich men who does not choose a perfect girl, beautiful but go to love a normal girl.

It’s not because these men are crazy. They just realize the soul is more important than the appearance. And true love is something that we can not take appearance to measure.

There are sayings that “Beauty is in the eye of the beholder”, or even, “it’s what’s on the inside that counts”. Don’t feel that you do not deserve love just because you are not attractive enough.

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