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Envious of the girl not only having “handsome over flower” twin brothers but also being cared for like a princess
January 07 2019, 8:43 AM
Recently, twin brothers in China have made netizens crazy when posting very lovely actions and gestures for their sister on social network. Moreover, the girl's twin brothers are extremely handsome.

Most girls hope they will have brothers who loves, cares for and protects them. If not, just having a handsome brother is enough to me. After reading about the twin, may I say dream brothers?

The girl makes netizens envy by having 2 perfectly handsome brothers take care of like a princess.

The twin are Tu Tien and Tu Lam. Many netizens trolled that having handsome bros like these, the girl may not need a boyfriend.

The girl usually posts video about brothers’ sweet actions. Her videos received a lot of likes from online community.

Many girls admire 2 caring handsome boys.

The girl said that when she stayed late, brothers would asked “Why is it so late but not yet sleeping?”. Soon they took a glass of milk and said, “Drink and go to sleep soon!”

Another occasion when she was about to help them in the kitchen, she was kicked out of and insisted: “Having us here is enough ! ”, Even they wrote “Kitchen is not your place”



Let’s admire more photos of the ideal brothes!





Lan Le

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